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Bonsai Tree Online – A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Bonsai Tree Online is not hard to find these days but you need to know a few things about it. Spend 2-3 minutes reading it. 🙂

Words do not always reflect care and warmth, but deeds do. Bonsai plants may not talk, but they will indirectly show immense you love and care. It will totally change the environment of your house. Your mental health will improve in the presence of these bonsai plants. You will always be surrounded by positive aura. Surrounding yourself with the greenery of bonsai tree online elevates your soul. Every bonsai tree online has different characteristics. The style, structures, and features of each bonsai plant online will amaze you. The Internet has a collection of various bonsai plant online just for you. Now, you can make a small garden in your house with the right click of your mouse.

Finding the perfect bonsai tree online is a difficult job

The Internet is a very confusing place when you have to search for bonsai plant online. Searching for the perfect bonsai tree online can puzzle your mind. Every bonsai tree online will mesmerize you by their different structures and styles. They have something new to teach you and you something new to learn. You will find a deep connection between you and the bonsai tree online. They will take care of you even when you can’t. There are multiple options for buying bonsai tree online. Although the task of choosing a bonsai is difficult, here your task will get easier.

Online bonsai planters come in different sizes, shapes, and materials to suit your preference. From ceramic pots to wooden planters, they are specially designed to provide a suitable growing environment for your bonsai trees. It’s important to choose the right planter that fits the size of your tree and complements its overall aesthetics. With many options available, you can easily find the perfect bonsai planter for your indoor or outdoor space online. 

Taking care of bonsai tree is not that difficult.

Caring for bonsai tree online is not at all difficult. Every bonsai plant has got different requirements. Knowing a few basic rules will help to take care of bonsai tree online. The most important factors are watering, lighting, fertilization, and choosing the right position to place the bonsai tree online. The most important factor is the place you keep the bonsai plant- indoors or outdoors. The difference lies in the amount of sunlight, water, and fertilization used for the bonsai plant. Some may require partial sunlight or direct sunlight, high water, or low water usage. The species of the tree, size of the tree, size of the pot, time of year, soil mixture, and climate brings the difference.

Decorate Home with best bonsai tree online.

Apart from a great stress relieving and air purifying, bonsai tree online are wonderful home décor. You can select from a wide range of Indoor Bonsai plants and outdoor bonsai tree online to make your house and lawn look beautiful. For Indoors, you can go for the Carmona, Chinese Elm and Ficus Bonsai Plants Online. And for outdoor, go for the Chinese Elm, S Shape ficus and Banyan Trees make wonderful lawn for you. Here we have variety of bonsai tree online available.

Learn more about various Bonsai Plants Online

S-shaped Ficus Bonsai Plants Online.

Also known as the Ginseng Bonsai plant, It is a natural indoor bonsai plant with evergreen green shrubs. You will be mesmerized by the delicate shape of this bonsai plant. The S-shaped trunk adds to the style statement of this bonsai plant. The thick green leaves of this bonsai plant act as the icing on the cake. You can keep it indoors on your desk, cubicle, window, balcony, or any other place. You will love the durability of this bonsai plant. It is a perfect tree for beginners due to its forgiving nature and also believed to bring luck, wealth, and prosperity in the house. It is also one of the most popular bonsai tree online in India.

Ficus Microcarpa Bonsai Plants Online

Also known as the Grafted Ginseng bonsai tree online, it is another most popular Bonsai plants in India. You can keep this bonsai plant indoor as well as outdoor. This is a low maintenance bonsai plant, so you don’t need to put much effort. Ficus Microcarpa is a pure symbolism of strength and power. You can style it in your home as well as give as a gift to someone. The glossy oval green leaves will totally be eye-catching. It needs less care and attention. You need to take care of the watering of the bonsai plant. It purifies the air and makes a homely atmosphere.

Black Pine Bonsai Plants Online

The pine tree is one of the most beautiful and exotic bonsai tree online which you can keep. It will totally take you to the faraway hill station. You will love the needle-shaped leaves and the slightly twisted trunk. There are certain things which you must know to take care of this bonsai plant. They can tolerate dry soil, but it should not be over watered. There must be a proper drainage system for this bonsai plant. You must prune them so as contain the plant’s growth and keep them in partial sun. It is not advisable for beginners because there are certain things which have to be taken care of properly.

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Carmona Bonsai Plants Online

Carmona bonsai tree online bears resemblance to Ginseng Bonsai plants due to the shape of their trunk. The difference lies in their species, Carmona bonsai tree online belongs to the Fukien tea species. You should keep these plants at the entrance of the house, like in the living room or reception. It is a perfect plant for beginners as it does not require much of your time. You should keep in proper lighting and water them properly. You can beautifully wrap it and give it your loved ones.

Chinese Elm Bonsai Plants Online

Native to East Asia, it is one of the most splendid bonsai tree online. It is the ideal choice for beginning bonsai cultivation. It is tolerant, slow growing and forgiving. Your bonsai journey must start with this plant if you are a beginner. It has a dark grey to reddish brown bark with a twisted trunk. The shiny green leaves on the twisted trunk with delicate branches is a pure visual treat. It will re-energizes your house with positive energy. It is the symbolization of strength, wisdom, and intuition.

Bougainvilliea Bonsai Plants Online

Bougainvillea is the mostly used bonsai tree online in India. If you pass by a house and see a plant covered with small dark pink flowers, it is Bougainvillea! They are a bit costly compared to other bonsai tree , but its beauty is worth the price. This tree is full of bright papery pink leaves, which are formed in clusters. The illusion is that these leaves will look like flower petals. You can find different colored leaves like red, pink, orange, white, and yellow in this plant. It is advisable to keep bougainvillea outdoors so that it gets more sunlight. Proper watering is also necessary.

Good luck Jade Bonsai Plants Online

The name of this plant speaks all about this plant. You must keep this plant indoors as extreme sunlight can damage the plant. It is one of the best air- purifying plants that absorb toxic chemicals and harmful radiations to make the air breathable. You can keep them near a television, wifi router, or computer for absorbing radiation. You must water the plant so as to prevent them from drying up. They will act as stress busters and bring luck to your house. You must keep this plant southeast or at the entrance as it energizes monetary luck.

Pachira Braided Money Tree Bonsai Online

There is a very interesting concept about this plant. The money tree creates balance by adding the missing element among five other fundamental Feng Shui element which is metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. They have lovely bright green leaves with an extraordinary hard trunk. You can even gift these plants as it brings good luck and positive energy. Also, You do not need to put extreme efforts on these plants as they are low maintenance. You must not keep them under direct sunlight.

Juniper Bonsai Plants Online

A perfect bonsai tree online for all beginners has to be Juniper. They are easy to train and look very appealing. Juniper trees have evergreen coniferous shrubs. These outdoor plants must be kept in a sunny spot with a shade of afternoon sun. They are dense trees with medium to light green foliage. You can keep these plants in your garden, courtyard, outside office or any other place. You will find various types of Juniper trees which will be eye-catching. There are various websites and nurseries where you will find this bonsai tree online.

Weeping Fig Bonsai Plants Online

Ficus Benjamina is also known as the “Weeping Fig”. Your bond and care for this plant will grow more after knowing about its weeping nature. When this plant feels uncomfortable or not good, this plant will start shedding off its leaves. You will easily get signs of its discomfort. It can be grown outdoors or indoors, but they should get proper lighting. You will be mesmerized by its beauty when it is blossoming. It is very popular in temperate climate due to its graceful growth and tolerance conditions.

Japanese Maple Bonsai Plants Online

Also knows as Acer Palmatum. It is one of the most popular bonsai tree online in India. Japanese Maple has lobed leaves, attractive colors, and great adaptability. It cannot tolerate extreme heat or cold weather so it must be kept in a shade then. You can keep them in your house or office. It will be very eye-catching and beautiful.

Dwarf Schefflera Bonsai Plants Online

Dwarf Schefflera is one of the most popular and durable bonsai tree online. They are easy to care and need less light. If you are a busy person, then this plant is ideal for you. They grow indoors as well as outdoors. Dwarf Schefflera has bonsai traits with outstanding branches, trunks, and roots. They grow well indoors with supplementary lights and faster outdoors in tropical regions. It is one of the oldest trees which live long for a long time. The roots of Dwarf Schefflera helps in creating banyan bonsai and rock planted bonsai. It grows vigorously with much less light. So, you can make your house more beautiful with these bonsai plants.

Syngonium Indoor Plants

Syngonium is the most beautiful plant which you can keep in your house or office. It brings fortune, wealth, prosperity, and abundance to your home. Syngonium is an air purifying plant that treats harmful gases like toulene. It absorbs radiation, which reduces anxiety and stress. You can gift this auspicious plant on any occasion. It is a low maintenance plant on which you do not need to put any effort. You must keep these plants in dappled light and water occasionally.

Bonsai Plants Online is a perfect gift plant for your loved one.

Make your special one’s birthday, anniversary, or any other ceremony more special by gifting the best bonsai tree online.  Bonsai plants are the unique creatures that will surprise your loved ones more than other gifts. These bonsai plants have significance in every relationship. Gifting bonsai tree online will be the perfect indicator of your love and concern for them. Like, if you gift feng shui plants during their hard times, it will show your kindness and generosity. Feng shui is money attracting and lucky bonsai plant, which will be perfect to give.

Send Bonsai Plants Online as a gift

There is no difference between human relationships and bonsai tree online. Both of them are interrelated. Every human relationship grows stronger, just like the bonsai plants online. Gifting bonsai tree online to your special one shows your effort to strengthen the relationship. You can gift various gifting and flowering bonsai plants to your loved ones. Different websites have got a vast collection of bonsai tree online suited for every occasion. The Internet is a wonderful place to get beautiful bonsai tree online all around. Now, if you stay far from your friends, family, or loved one, you can easily send a bonsai plant at their doorstep.  You can order online and send these beauties to their place.

Buy Bonsai Plants Online for Healthy Air and Stress Relief

Isn’t it difficult to work peacefully amidst all the stress? Bonsai plants make your home a better and beautiful place. Your mind feels lighter and calmer. Bonsai plants takes the responsibility of keeping a healthy mental state. The bonsai plant which helps in purifying the air of a place is called air purifying plants. Bonsai plants are great air purifying plants. Air purifying plants kills pollution and germs. It also protects your house from various harmful chemicals like toluene and formaldehyde. It builds a positive aura that motivates your life.

Best bonsai tree price for sale

A bonsai tree online keeps all the stress away. You can buy various bonsai plants in India. Buying bonsai tree online is the best investment you can make. The bonsai tree online price is economical and available at an unbelievable price. Bonsai plants are a perfect fit for gifting, air purifying, and bringing luck. You must plant a bonsai tree online and take care of them. They will take care of you as you will. There are many websites that provide various combo offers of bonsai tree online. You can also keep up the old school gardening spirit. So, Beautify and re-energize your house with beautiful bonsai tree online.

CarmonaIndoor3-10 Years15 cm – 30cmRs. 999 – Rs.3000
Chinese ElmSemi-indoor3-10 Years15 cm – 30cmRs. 999 – Rs.3000
S Shape FicusOutdoor4-15 Years15 cm – 60cmRs. 899 – Rs.10,000
Grafted FicusOutdoor1-15 Years15 cm – 60cmRs99 – Rs.20,000
Banyan TreeOutdoor4-10 Years30 cm – 90 cmRs,000 – Rs0,000
JuniperOutdoor3-8 Years20 cm – 50 cmRs500 Onwards

Why to order Bonsai Plants Online Online from Abana Homes?

Because we care for you and the bonsai tree online.

We are not just the seller of bonsai tree online but we help you own the bonsai tree online as if it is your baby. After you the bonsai tree online from the delivery team, you get the updated caring instruction about the bonsai tree online. Then, you water the bonsai plant fully and let the plant settle for a week time. Meanwhile, our team will be in regular touch with you to make sure that the plant grows well. If you face any issue, you can contact us any point of time over the WhatsApp and we will be more than happy to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bonsai Plants Online

Which Bonsai Plants Online is Good for Home?

All the bonsai tree online available in the market are good for home. In home, you can select based on the location where you want to keep them. For indoors, the suitable bonsai plants are Carmona, Pachira Bonsai and Grafted Ficus. They make great bonsai tree online for home.

In Feng Shui where to Place Bonsai?

Feng Shui principles and Bonsai are closely interconnected. Feng-Shui recommends placing Bonsai in east, south, and south-east corners of the space.

Do Bonsai Need Sunlight?

Every plant requires sunlight, Bonsai is no different. Sunlight requirements can differ according to the type of Bonsai plant. For Example, the indoor bonsai plant online like Carmona and Ficus do not require sunlight to grow. However keeping them in Sun for a week or so in a month can boost their growth. Similarly, outdoor plants like Chinese Elm, Ficus and Banyan Tree need a lot of sunlight to grow healthy.

How Often Should I Water my Bonsai?

Thumb rule for Watering your bonsai

Check the soil with your finger. If the soil is dry, you need to water the bonsai fully until it starts draining. Usually, in Summer, you must water your plant daily and in winters, you can water it every alternate day.

Which is the best Bonsai plants for beginners?

Carmona and Chinese Elm are the best bonsai tree online for beginners. These two plants are really forgiving and easy to grow, care and maintain. You can get them at

What is the best fertilizer for bonsai tree online?

“NPK 19:19:19” is the best fertilizer for bonsai tree online to boost the growth. You can find the fertilizer in the local store near you. Instruction to use: Pour 2ml / 2grams of NPK in one litre of water and sprinkle on the plant and pour the solution in the soil. Repeat this every 15 days if needed. The normal frequency should be once in a month.

What is the best soil for bonsai tree online?

“Abana Homes Bonsai Soil Organic” is the best soil for bonsai tree online. You should re-pot the plant and change the soil every 6 month to keep the plant healthy.

What is a bonsai tree good for?

Bonsai plants is good for decorating your house. Many indoor bonsai tree onlines look great in your living room or the bed room. Also, the bonsai tree onlines are great natural air purifiers. They treat the harmful toxic chemicals like toluene and formaldehyde present the air and make the air breathable. You can check the air purifying plants segment here.

Is a bonsai tree good luck?

Bonsai Plants Online brings good luck and prosperity. It is believed so by our ancestors and feng shui experts. There is a wide range of Good Luck Bonsai Plants Online available like Pachira, Ficus and Bamboo Plant.
Can any tree be a bonsai tree online?

Not all the tree can be bonsai tree online. Bonsai is a art of moulding the sapling of any tree with decent branch and tough structure into a desired shape and keeping it small by trimming and pruning. If the tree has lose stem and branches or it needs deep roots to survive, it is difficult to make bonsai for that tree.

How do you trim a bonsai tree?

  1. Remove all the weeds and dead wood or leaves. Look for weeds growing in the bonsai pot as well as dead twigs or leaves on the tree itself. …
  2. Trim crossed and broken branches. …
  3. Cut back twigs so they only have 3-4 nodes. …
  4. Prune heavily in the spring and summer.
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