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BonsaiHD Collection July 2020 [Updated]

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Welcome to the BonsaiHD collection of Abana Homes.

Abana Homes is one of the largest distributors of Bonsai Tree & Plants in India.

Enjoy the BonsaiHD TV here.

Enjoy the Bonsai HD video.. 🙂

BonsaiHD – Jungle Ficus Plantation

One of the best bonsai plants online collection that money can buy. Look at this bonsaiHD pics. How the bonsai plants are dancing along with each other.

Jungle Plantation Style Ficus Bonsai Plant

BonsaiHD Ulmus Bonsai Tree & Plant

Our farm is full of bonsaihd plants collection. In nearly 2 hectare of land, 118+ varieties of bonsai trees are growing and being shaped up.

Take a look at this outstanding Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree & Plant.

Chinese Elm Ulmus Bonsai For home

BonsaiHD Ficus Plant Bonsai

This is my personal favorite bonsai tree. I’ve started shaping it up and in a year time, it will be in the umbrella shape. This bonsaiHD tree is 22 years old and I’ve been maintaining it for last 8 years.

Beautiful Bonsai Tree for Home

Another Bonsai HD of Ficus

This one too.. Aerial roots ficus plants bonsai are always the loved one. Take a look at this amazing bonsai full of aerial roots.

Gorgeous Old Ficus Bonsai Plant

Another Bonsai HD in Making

This Bonsai Tree is growing and being given a shape that is cross over. It will grow in the Lotus Flower Shape.

It is being developed on demand of one of our clients from Gurgaon. Checkout the available bonsai plants in Gurgaon or Gurugram.

Ficus Bonsai Plants for Home

Ficus Multi Ball Outdoor Bonsai Tree for your Mini Golf Course

If you are planning to spend some money to decorate your mini golf course, take a look at this amazing piece. There are two bonsai of the similar size and design and both can either make your entrance or decorate your golf course.

Bonsai Plants In India

Liked any one of them and wanted to know about them? Write us at vs at abanahomes dot com .. Don’t be quick in writing “Show me the plants you have”.. because we don’t show the plants unless you are serious about bonsai.. 🙂

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