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You might have visited the local nursery to pick plants and other gardening items. Such visits might be frequent for avid gardeners for selecting the best-scented flower pots and decorative plant specimens. But local nurseries have a single common problem of limited plant stock. Moreover, you might not get hold of the exotic houseplant varieties so quickly. Buy plants online is the perfect solution for people who are involved in managing home gardens. You can visit online shops to choose from a broad range of plants suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Interestingly, you also get the leverage to buy plants online cheap, considering the retailers impose attractive discounts on specific varieties.

Buy Plants Online India

It does not matter if you are looking for a specimen tree or an exotic houseplant; the chances of finding them online are relatively high. The concept of buy plants online has been into existence for several years now. In India, online plant buying has picked up a severe pace with more people showing interest in home gardening and indoor plant décor.

For each of your online plant purchases, the items are sent via e-parcel posts. Do make sure to unpack the plants quickly once they arrive. Be careful with the unpacking. If the plants look tired, sprinkle some water, or feed them with various seaweed-based solutions. Remember, this process should be carried out before potting. Avoid soaking succulents and cacti. Some of the efficient buy plants online Bangalore services manage packaging with sufficient moisture retention abilities. It ensures a healthy & safe transport of plants bought online.

Tips for Buy Plants Online

Buying plants online comes with specific generic rules that need to be abided by everyone. Below mentioned are the useful tips that can make your buy plants online experience a wonderful one:

Read Customer Reviews

Looking for seller reviews on Google helps assess the reputation of the online plant providers. Furthermore, you can also look at on-site customer reviews. This is a great way to set sensible expectations based on the experiences of previous customers. You learn about the customer’s level of satisfaction related to the product bought from that online seller by reading on-site reviews.

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Focus on Plant’s Growing Needs

You might get swayed away with the beauty of several plants you see online. However, it is essential to focus on the growing requirements such as soil type, temperature, light, humidity, etc., based on which you have to make a selection. Several online plant providers offer a detailed requirements chart for you to simplify your choice.

Check the Seller’s Return Policy

One can tell a lot about an online plant seller’s genuineness by assessing whether or not they accept returns. It is recommended to buy plants online from sellers who offer a kind return policy. The presence of a supportive return policy points out that the seller would be extra careful in packaging and shipping the plants without permitting any damage. It is interesting to know that buy plants online India services even abide by a refund policy if the plant is delivered in poor conditions.

Never Skip Online Product Description

 The act of checking plant descriptions while buying from online stores should be mandatory. These descriptions will help you get a better insight into the various traits of the plant. Moreover, you will be further enlightened with good ideas for positioning the chosen plant in your garden, porch, hallway, or indoor spaces.

Pay More for Expedited Shipping

There are situations when the online plant seller is located at a distance. Therefore, your delivery will take time to travel from the greenhouse to reach your doorstep. It is suggested to pick an expedited shipping option, if available. In general terms, plants need not spend a maximum of five days in a boxed package. Hence, if the buy plants online seller offers expedited delivery, you must opt for it without thinking twice. It might cost you an additional charge for faster shipping, but at least your plant will be delivered in a healthier state.

Price Comparison

Your quest to buy indoor plants online cheap can be achieved through online plant providers that possess a wide range of attractive houseplants. Even though you get plants at affordable prices via online shops, it is essential to run a price comparison. There are chances you might bump into another online plant store that is offering a lesser price for the same indoor plant. Do not be careless, but open your eyes and use all effective search filters before finally making a purchase. 

FAQs about Buying Plants Online

What are the plant sizes available online?

Ans: You can access different plant sizes ranging from succulents that are 1-2 inches long to other varieties which are 3-4 inches tall. Online plant providers also deal in mature plants of almost all varieties.

How to take care of online plants?

Ans: As soon as the plant arrives, give it a good soak for at least 20 minutes. Later, slowly shake off the excess water to let the plant dry (2-3 hours). Once all of this is done, you can place the plant in the preferred pot or container.

How are online plant orders shipped?

Ans: In India, most of the online plant shops manage deliveries via Indian Speed Post or private courier services.

What if you receive a damaged plant?

Ans: If you receive a damaged plant, directly contact the online seller to request for a return. You can even request the seller for a refund.

Is it safe to shop for plants online?

In one word, Yes. It is no different from shopping for clothes or other things. The only prerequisite is you shop from a reputed seller.

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